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What The Village Lamp Lighter Can Offer You

Although The Village Lamp Lighter can provide you with a lamp or light right from our 3,500 foot showroom, we can also make any light that you can imagine. Using incandescent bulbs or all new LED lights, The Village Lamp Lighter can "enlighten" you to what latest trends will suit your home.


The right lampshade can make or break the look of the lamp. The Village Lamp Lighter features handmade lampshades that are available in square, rectangle, oval, round and many other shapes and sizes. 

The Village Lamp Lighter also has chandelier lampshades!

Table Lamps

Table lamps and dask lamps are our bread and butter! Making lamps from vases is one of our specialties. There are many varieties to choose from in any color shape and size. The Village Lamplighter can even take that antique "whatyamacallit" and make it into a beautiful lamp, personalized just for you. 


Do you have a high ceiling and need to fill some space? The Village Lamp Lighter can build you a custom crystal, brass or iron chandelier. No problem!

Do you have a old chandelier that is missing some crystal or needs to be rewired? The Village Lamp Lighter can help you with all of your chandelier needs.

Ceiling Fans

The Village Lamp Lighter offers a wide range of ceiling fans that are sure to light up your room and keep you cool at the same time. These fans are works of art and you would love to have them in your house.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps and sconces come in all different sizes, shapes and colors and the Village Lamp Lighter has them all!

Outdoor Lamps

This is where the Village Lamp Lighter gets their name! Wall lights for your house, gas lanterns or something to light up the garage, the sidewalk or driveway in small or large quantities are available with just a phone call!

You can't go wrong with ye old lamp post in front of your house!

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