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Repair or Restore that Lamp or Light?

If you are not sure, just bring us your old lamp or light and we can help you make the right choice. We refinish lamps on site with new paint, new fixtures, new wiring, new switches, new lampshades and new bulbs. We will be with you every step of the way. Just need a longer cord with a new plug? No problem. Converting an old single switch into a new 3-way switch? We can do that too. It doesn't matter where you bought or inherited the light, we can help it shine bright again. 

Lamp Wiring and Plugs


One of the most common fixes on an old light is to re-wire it. Maybe the wiring is old and frayed and needs to be brought up to code. Maybe the light has been in storage and something has been chewing on the wires. No problem. From a single light to a massive chandelier, we can rewire anything you bring us.

Lamp Shades


One of the easiest ways to enhance an old light is to replace a worn out lampshade. Most of our lampshades are handmade and are available in many popular styles, sizes and fabrics. Bring us your lamp and we can help you choose the correct harp, size and style as well as a new finial to top it off.

Lamp Refinishing


Do you have an old brass light that needs to be polished or and old faded and scratched floor lamp or desk lamp that has seen better days? Our tried and true method of breaking the light down to the bare essentials, stripping and removing years of of paint and dirt, and repainting with a durable finish and sealer to protect it for years to come. New switches and wiring will breathe new life into that old family heirloom.

Time to Upgrade?


Time for an upgrade? The Village Lamp Lighter can help you pick out a new lamp to replace the old one that has seen better days. From a single lamp to planning out your entire house we have done it all and will make it easy on you to decide the right path.

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